Our Philosophy

It's All About You

At Inspiration Beauty & Medical Spa, customization is not just important, it’s a core element and the secret of a truly superior aesthetic result. Throughout a career spanning four decades, Mahin Shafai (Inspiration Beauty Founder and Lead Aesthetician) has perfected an approach that taps into both science and art.  Mahin says, “our machines give us an analysis of each individual and, from there, I design a treatment protocol precisely for them.”  Even facials are individualized, Mahin says “for one client, I might do a mixture of a Microdermabrasion Facial and a DNA Facial.  For another, I’d choose a Signature Facial and an AFA Peel.  I see what the need is for each particular person.”

Though the spa can alleviate a host of skin problems, Mahin keeps her strongest focus on anti-aging and anti-acne treatments. “That’s where we can do the most healing and make the biggest difference for people,” she says.  However, dramatic changes require some commitment.  While Mahin is well versed in the art of soothing therapies, she lets clients know her emphasis is on results, not relaxation. “I do clinical skincare work, not the lovey-dovey kind,” she says with a laugh.

A reputation for always offering the latest equipment and techniques has earned Mahin the nickname “Mahin and her machines.”  “Clients always say that one of the things we love about you is that you’re always bringing new things to us,’” she notes with pride. “And, that’s something I’m always looking to do.  Today, clients have a lot of knowledge, finding out the latest trends on the Internet.  So, I’m committed to doing a very, very special job with everything I offer.”

Mahin always strives for a beautiful outcome, yet she sometimes achieves life-changing results.  “I’ve had clients say our techniques helped cure headaches and reduce stress.”  Even more dramatic, some therapies have helped heal serious skin injuries, even conditions others thought couldn’t be helped.  “One of my greatest joys was with a six-year-old child, who had an injury that plastic surgeons said couldn’t be helped.  After three months of our therapy, there were tremendous improvements! The before-and-after pictures are our best testament.”